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"Dito from scratch" exhibition

Dito collective

Lieu du Design - Paris (France)


Grand Hornu Images - Mons (Belgium)



Member of the design collective Dito. Initiated in 2006, the group was awarded the Bourse Agora 2007 and today comprises seven designers. Each member develops a prospective work in parallel to its personal projects. Its purpose is to draw a set of objects creating a shared language.


Eric Blondin, Pierre Brichet, Guillaume Delvigne, Joachim Jirou-Najou, Fabien Leligois, Michel Radix, Arnaud Sabatier et Caroline Ziegler.

The collective Dito was awarded the Agora scholarship for design in 2007. This scholarship is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and by the Hermes Foundation.

photos : © Baptiste Heller & collectif Dito

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