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Floe 2

Galerie kreo


White "Blanc Neve" marble, tinted solid glass rods.

Size:  L.145 x l.95 x H.34 cm

Inspired by a floe, a piece of sea ice shaped like a flat raft, each table of the collection corresponds to a fragment part of a more global suite. On the surface of the fragment, a glass rod is curled up. Its intense and disseminated colors is prominent among the immaculate white of the marble “Blanc Névé”. Its transparent crystals and the “softly matt” aspect remind the snow. The digged furrow seems to be the result of the slow work of rubbing the glass rod toward the marble, such as the rubbing of a stone moved by wind or water. As a smooth, shining and abstract object, this rod appears to be a mysterious existence that concentrates all colours of the the light spectrum, absorbing them, diffusing them and giving them back to the environment as soon as a light beam comes through.

photos: © Sylvie Chan-Liat – Courtesy Galerie kreo

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