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joachim jirou-najou vélo velo scarf foulard soie silk

Vélo velo



100% silk.


Blu e grigio : 90 x 90 cm

Rosso e grigio : 90 x 90 cm

Exhibition Vélo velo at Milan, curator Marie De Cossette

and Francesca Montà.

As a contribution to the exhibition "Vélo Vélo", my wish was to work on a pattern large enough to completely fill in a scarf making it a "symbol-object". So I sketched a colored flat tint, something like a saddle, a shape that I have always found very attractive. It looks like small abstract sculptures owning a strong suggestive power.

Repetition and juxtaposition of this flat tint, colors’ rhythm and texture of the original pencil line allow me to create this pattern spread on the scarf surface. A very large pattern but hidden within the scarf’s folds when worn. Then appear other shapes, other vibrations, other moves…

photos : © Alexandra de Cossette

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