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joachim jirou-najou chambre entre vues 5Rooms Silvia Fiorucci societa delle api moulin des ribes résidences artistes villa noailles

room Entre vues



5Rooms by Silvia Fiorucci, realized in collaboration with villa Noailles in Hyeres, art centre of national interest, comprises five environments each of which has been entrusted to a young design practitioner - Joachim Jirou-Najou, Paul Brissonnet + Alexandre Benjamin Navet, Superpoly, Studio Quetzal, Zanellato/Bortotto - Each design studio was asked to devise furniture and decoration projects involving the whole room—including the smallest details—and taking inspiration from the colors, crafts, and traditions of the surrounding region. From Monaco to Marseille, passing through Lion, 5Rooms connects artists and designers with local craftsmen, and aims to become a future centre for workshops, residencies, and research.

photos : © Giulio Boem

photos : © Vincent Leroux - Elle Déco

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