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Dito collective

D'Days design festival



Member of the design collective Dito. Initiated in 2006, the group was awarded the Bourse Agora 2007 and today comprises seven designers. Each member develops a prospective work in parallel to its personal projects. Its purpose is to draw a set of objects creating a shared language.

Galaxy is an installation by Dito collective at the National Dance Center, from may 20th to may 25 th 2014.

D'Days Design Festival, Paris - Pantin.

3 years after our exhibition at the Grand-Hornu , we have decided to reactivate the Dito Collective when we were offered by the D’Days to invest Studio 4 at the National Dance Center in Pantin. After this long break necessary for individually reloading and feeding, there was a large shared desire to build up new ideas echoing the collective drawings of Dito.

Starting from a permanent moving thinking, constantly questioned by our multiplicity and our wish to gather around a free research, we propose an investigation of the domestic habitat.

In our first exhibition ‘‘ Dito From Scratch ‘‘ our approach aimed to be singular by the way we approach the object, its forms and uses. ‘‘ Galaxy ‘‘ results meanwhile in a more meaningful comprehensive and radical approach. It was experimentally designed to place the visitor in the heart of a move he is himself initiating.

We also wanted to see the project tending toward poetry but including an expressive strength. This is why we adopted a pictorial approach, a picture where one can enter and move. This picture aims to be created as a domestic landscape in motion. Moves of shape, moves of shadows, lights, depth; moves of the visitor invited to walk. In other words catching up a landscape.

We were inspired by the characteristics and the properties of the place where we were invited: a dance rehearsal room allows body movement in space and time ; it creates rhythms, tensions, bringing together the idea of a choreography (or of a stage setting) and a usual home.

Our choice was to design the space from its center – Galaxy – shaping it with a wide range of suspended volumes and surfaces. We leave the ground to invade heights.
These functional elements revolve in interactions, suggesting uses, places of life, a landscape. It brings up an ecosystem where motion is suspended ... but apparently only.
In fact it is a dynamic setting where the visitor is invited to contribute to the composition when walking. Manipulation of this constellation of objects make them evolving. Following guest intervention, element interacts like in a galaxy.


Eric Blondin, Pierre Brichet, Guillaume Delvigne, Joachim Jirou-Najou, Michel Radix, Arnaud Sabatier et Caroline Ziegler.

The collective Dito was awarded the Agora scholarship for design in 2007. This scholarship is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and by the Hermes Foundation.

photos : © Baptiste Heller & collectif Dito

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