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joachim jirou-najou habitat table basse table d'appoint table de chevet bois moulé multiplis low table coffee table plywood





Moulded plywood, oak.


Low table:  L.85 x l.62 x H.37 cm

Side table:  L.56 x l.42 x H.33 cm

At the invitation of Pierre Favresse, Habitat’s artistic director, I have imagined and designed "satellites" objects. It means that due to their mobility, these objects are able to hinge in space taking place next to the others. Tipi is an extra table offering 2 sizes and made of moulded wood in order to fit with materials and production processes part of Habitat’s distinctive character. Tipi is made of 3 inseparable components: a tray and two legs hold together. These elements take shape like the different parts of a boat hull.

photos : © Pierre Antoine

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