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Dito from scratch

Dito collective



Member of the design collective Dito. Initiated in 2006, the group was awarded the Bourse Agora 2007 and today comprises seven designers. Each member develops a prospective work in parallel to its personal projects. Its purpose is to draw a set of objects creating a shared language.

This is a group of 8 designers who work together, all from the same generation and coming from French Art and Design schools. This is not an agency, what each of them wants in a parallel context to their own activities is a context for theoretical thinking, experiments and research.
Created in 2006, this group is built in contrast with a time where initiatives are most of the time individualist even selfish. Our desire and our ambition are to go above this statement. We have the strong wish to test the strength of such a group working on the idea of unity and thinking around a culture of project team where dialog, exchange and dividing up are the basis.
When exploring design as a mean not as an end, the group’s vocation is to be able to build up a common language. To develop a “common language’” means to formulate and draw objects and furniture carrier of these thoughts.
As a matter of fact the gist and the purpose of our project is to succeed in formulating a reflection and a collective project which will become at the end some kind of manifest, witness of this common language and of poetics, one of our specificity. We want to move in the context of free working and prospecting, this corresponds to our way of thinking and this is our objective.
To organize this work we have set up a method to think together based on the most possible free exchange and a great opening to outside. We have created a catalogue of signs, a real tool for our brainstorming. Its handling allows generation of drawings which results are constantly surprising. This generates a prospective dynamic which strives towards a poetic and humanist dimension because we think that there are strengths for contemporary design.


Eric Blondin, Pierre Brichet, Guillaume Delvigne, Joachim Jirou-Najou, Fabien Leligois, Michel Radix, Arnaud Sabatier et Caroline Ziegler.

The collective Dito was awarded the Agora scholarship for design in 2007. This scholarship is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and by the Hermes Foundation.

photos : © Baptiste Heller & collectif Dito

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