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joachim jirou-najou galerie mica goldleaf dorure feuille or petits objets


Mica gallery


Product by Libre Art Bitre.


Wood and gold leaf.


container: Ø 21 x H.6 cm

tray: L.30 x l.12 x H.2 cm

centerpiece: L.23,5 x l.16 x H.2 cm

When Michaël Cheneau from the Mica gallery offered me to design wooden pieces gilded, I immediately jump at the opportunity to work with creative craftsmen. Their know-how, unknown to me, would serve new shapes.

I dove into this proposal, considering it as a stylistic composition. My single purpose was to design shapes very different from each other, independent but using the same visible language. Over an intuitive process came out three pieces: a small repository, a tray and a centrepiece. Due to their hand-wide and their material (wood and gold leaf) they are precious and touch-sensitive objects. Their delicate gilding leads to a bright presence, underlining and enhancing some parts of the shape.

photos : © Morgan Paslier - courtesy Mica gallery

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